FEA Training

FEA Training

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is a software technique which is based on numerical technique to solve the engineering problems. We have FEA consultant, academician, researcher and industries experts who have more than 12 years’ experience. They correlated the products with FEA by theoretical and practical approach in their sessions.

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This course has been designed for research scholar, final year and those who are interested to pursue their career in this filed. Intern and people enhance the skills by software with theoretical approach by real life examples.


Topics to be covered:

  • Design of structural members (Axially loaded members)
  • Design of structural members (Transversely loaded members)
  • Design of Structural members (Membrane stress evaluation)
  • Plane stress and strain applications
  • Design of Structural members (Three dimensional Finite Element Analysis)
  • Symmetry Applications
  • Best practices on meshing
  • Best practices of boundary and loading conditions
  • Key techniques for creating finite element model
  • Best practices of establishing contacts between interfaces
  • Vibrations (Vibration Analysis and rotor dynamics)
  • Thermal analysis
  • Non Linear analysis
  • Fatigue and Fracture Analysis
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